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Thread: The real cost of policing on the cheap!

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    Arrow The real cost of policing on the cheap!

    “Fighting Crime, Protecting People” may well be the motto of Greater Manchester Police but there are few in the city who feel secure and protected by the thin blue line. The inquest of 10 year old Jordon Lyon who drowned saving his 8 year old step-sister from a pond in Wigan returned a verdict of accidental death and heard how two PCSOs who arrived at the scene did not rescue him as they were not trained to deal with the incident.

    The force currently has 270 blue capped Police Community Support Officers but concern is growing that these officers are earnest people wandering the streets who are just dressed as police officers without the experience and capabilities of police officers.

    It was the disgraced David Blunkett who ushered in PCSOs on his watch as Home Secretary in 2002. They were introduced to the people of London by the then Deputy-Commissioner Ian Blair who said that “The presence of PCSOs will make a huge contribution towards instilling the sense of safety and confidence which the public is demanding.”

    The Met’s experiment has been taken up by almost every force in the country and they provide policing on the cheap and taxpayers are being short-changed.

    For example a Thames Valley PSCO salary runs from £17,000 to £20,000. The salary for a full-time police officer starts at £21,000 and rises to £33,000. So with Employers NI on top, a \"proper copper\" costs a minimum of nearly five grand more than his \"Blunkett Baby\" replacement.

    The training period for a typical PSCO is 18 weeks non-residential training at a local Constabulary HQ whereas a full grown up officer will train for 2 years.

    [[URL="http://www.bnp.org.uk/reg_showarticle.php?contentID=2707"]read more[/URL]]

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    Ok there are two questions to be answered here.
    So lets start with the emotive answer first.
    DId the PCSO's fail to do thier duty by not entering the water to attempt to save the life of the boy who drowned.
    Well in the first place I think it is highly unfair to criticise another human being for his actions or lack of them when you were not at the scene of the incident in the first place.
    The PCSO's there were not, and nor is it part of thier training or that of a police officer's to get involved in waterborne rescue. If those officers have not had training and were not confident in water then they were correct in not going in after the boy.
    It is fact that he had been in the water for some minutes, noone knew his location and he could not be seen from the bank, therefore it would be foolhardy in the extreme for an individual to put thier own life in danger without any real chance of locating and saving the child. So in reality, despite the complaint from the mother that the PCSO's didn't do thier duty, I would throw this one back at the parents and ask them why children as young as they were, were playing by open water unsupervised in the first place.

    As for the usefulness of PCSO's and them being Policing on the cheap. I have to agree, they were brought in to make it look as if there were more police officers on the streets. This has failed miserably as hey do not have the powers required, or the training to get involved in the majority of crime that takes place on our streets today.
    Funding for PCSO's is provided for by the government and not from individual constabularys budget. However this will cease in 2008 and some forces are already fast tracking PCSO's to become fully sworn officers. As they are already partially trained it means it is cheaper than starting the application package form fresh. (Pity those whose applications are again knocked back)

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    Default The real cost of policing on the cheap

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