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    The details as i know of them.

    I seem to be going around in circles trying so hard to get information of the "events surrounding" a Murder that took place in kew as long ago as 1954! I have tried to research it and feel like i'm banging my head on a brick wall.
    It's no doubt made all the more difficult for several reasons. 1. It would appear that there's no statute of limitation on murder and because they have it listed as 'unsolved' i'm always at a dead end and 2. i know the year and place but not the actual day of the week or month! (sigh) So here's the details i DO know in the hope that SOMEONE may have some old newspaper cuttings of the event or information they've remembered over the years. I guess someone out there MUST have known the Murdered person in all of this. Or may know of it through word of mouth within their family circle. The murder took place some time in 1954 in kew London uk which i believe to be within Richmond duristiction. The ONLY information i can find on this is a 'decision' notice from The National archives in Kew, Richmond. This paper cosists of a refusal to give someone information regarding the file on this murder under the freedom of information act 2000 and the final decision was made in April 2007. There is an option for appeal at the end of the document but i can find no evidence to suggest any further appeal went ahead yet. This information seems to have been requested by someone who wants information about the murder of his 'friend and neighbour' obviously in kew 1954 but it doesn't state the gentlemans details of course. This i have narrowed down to a gentleman whose innitials would be R.H. Alas all attempts to perhaps locate him via any internet blog has also failed. That was a bit disappointing since the kew document says that he 'cited the names of suspects and third parties' as being information that he did not require which i guess implies he already knows them! I also know of one name but am interested in learning about the events that transpired that night which led to a person dying as i know of two slightly different stories of what caused the event. If anyone can help i'd be eternally grateful. Here's hoping. Thankyou all.

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    Hi there, I'm very new to this so bear with me.
    Whilst I'm no expert, I have done a bit of research on this subject. I've checked the Index to the Times and also had Richmond Local Studies Library check through their records, local newspapers and publications by various local history groups operating in the Richmond area. All of these have drawn a blank with regard to a murder committed on or around Kew Bridge in 1954.
    Although there could be more, I know of two unsolved murders in the London in 1954, both of which occurred in September of that year.
    The first was Ellen Carlin (known as "Red Helen" due to the colour of her hair - not her politics!) who was killed in Pimlico. Ellen was working as a prostitute and was strangled. Initial suspicions focused on a US serviceman she'd been seen with, but no one was ever charged. In the years after the killing, some stories circulated that the murderer was the notorious Scottish serial killer Peter Manuel. No one seems clear where or why these stories originated. The author of a biography of Manuel has told me that while Manuel was awaiting execution he confessed to a number of murders, but Carlin case was not one of them.
    The second was Jean Mary Townsend who was killed in South Ruislip later the same month. She was walking home just before midnight on 14 September and - like Ellen - was strangled. Once again suspicions were that US Airmen stationed locally were involved, but no one was ever charged. In 1982 the Police announced that they were reviewing the case file following some anonymous phone calls. The actual content of the calls was never revealed, but Police said at the time that they were "very interested" in what the caller told them. They also said that - as a result of the calls - they were satisfied that no Americans were involved.
    Neither of the victims had been sexually assaulted.
    The files for both cases are at the National Archives. The Carlin file is closed until 2057 while the Townsend file won't be opened for public inspection until 2031. In 2007, Reg Hargrave a family friend, neighbour and school mate of Jean Townsend endeavoured to persuade the Archives to open the file, but his appeal was rejected. A search on Google under Jean Townsend's name will bring up a file containing the text of the Information Commissioner's ruling and the reasoning behind it, if you're interested.
    Hope this helps. Be interested in any theories you might have on either case as I've done quite a lot of research on the murder of Jean Townsend.
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