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We've got some rules build up. I like to say that these rules may change from time to time. If any one violating the rules the mods will warn you privately. If the offending action continues, you will be banned. Make it more of a conversation, discussion type and NOT as an accusation. In any such case the forum Administrator has the full rights to delete or edit such posts from site.

By using our forums (this includes but is not limited to signing up as a member or even browsing our forums without signing up) you agree to the following: The owner, administrators, and moderators of the will not be held liable for any objectionable messages posted on this forum, members are responsible for the liabilities of their own posts.

Please be professional and we will all have a great time and this will be a great place.

1. All posts must be in English.
2. Donít use real names on the messages or posts.
3. Donít specify any real locations.
4. No spamming.
5. Stay on topic all time.
6. No flaming. All healthy debate is welcome but lets try to keep it from getting personal.
7. Keep it "Parent Guided 13".
8. Do not duplicate posts.
9. If you feel a post violates any of these rules, please Inform the Administrator of this forum.
10. NO swearing, Be respectful to all users at all times Refrain from swearing on these forums! This forum is used by people of all ages and groups, many people find swearing to be very offensive. We have profanity filters in placed, please do not try to avoid the filter, if we see swearing in any posts it is likely to be edited or deleted. - Added on 20th Mar 2007
11. Anti-social posting - Attacking an individual in a style designed to cause extreme reaction, dismissive of otherís views or lacking respect for other members will be warned by Admin or Mods if any person continue this will lead to a ban - Added on 20th Mar 2007
12. shall not be liable for the accuracy, content or the reliability of any post or news items. has been set up to discuss and chat about any experiences you may have had regarding crimes in the UK.
NOTE: Due to the FACT that this is a public forum then information on offer is ONLY AN OPINION OF THE MEMBER The content of the forum posts are the sole opinion of the authors and in no way reflect views of the owner of this site.

This is a perpetual agreement which is subject to modification at any time by It is the responsibility of all members and participants of to periodically review this agreement as their usage of said forums implies acknowledgement and acceptance of this agreement.

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Here you can find answers to questions about how the board works. Use the links below or the search box above to find your way around.

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